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  1. Köln

    August 22, 2012 by Peter

    I’m back again from a short visit to Köln, Germany! I was there for about 1.5 days, because Jordy (my boyfriend) had to work at Gamescom. His work was done on Saturday early in the afternoon, so I planned out to be there by then. In the end it turned out I would be there an hour later, because it was unclear if I was in the right train. I asked some German guy in the train if it was right, but he said it wasn’t. Turned out, after a information desk visit, that it was :( So I had to wait for another 40 minutes (and already waited 20 at the information desk) to go on the same train again. But then I finally arrived at the “Köln Hauptbahnhof” which is one of the biggest train stations I’ve ever seen.

    Köln Hauptbahnhof

    It doesn’t look so big on the photo, but it has a lot of large shops and lunchrooms inside. :)

    On our stay in Köln, we didn’t actually do MUCH. You can’t when it is 35 degrees Celsius, and you are just 1,5 days there. But we sure did some things and had fun! :)

    First of all, we went shopping. Not that we actually bought much, but we saw some very large stores and some cultural things which was pretty nice to see!



    I found two stores where I wanted to buy something; in one of the stores they had a HUGE rubber duck from B.Duck (Yes, I collect rubber ducks. I guess I’ve got to make a blog post about that now. :P ) which wasn’t to expensive, but then we had to carry it around the whole next day (because we would already been checked out of the hotel) so I didn’t buy it. In the other store, they had some fun gadgets and books, and one of the books drew my attention. It was Cute Stuff which contains a lot of cute craft ideas. I really wanted to buy it, but also doubted if I would use it much… When I decided I did want it, we already walked far away from the store so I decided to add it to my Amazon wishlist now. :)

    After a quick freshen up in our hotel, we went to a party organized by the company Jordy works for, to round up this years Gamescom. We had a nice walk back to our hotel. Still a lot of people where outside which made it a very cozy walk to our hotel. :)
    We also went across the bridge where are a lot of love pad locks are attached. It’s so cool to see and we wished we had a pad lock to attach it too. :( Maybe next time!

    On Sunday, we had a great breakfast (I LOVE food, I they had a lot of delicious things, so I was very full afterwards…) and checked out of the hotel. It still was very hot outside, but we had two things we still wanted to do in Köln; visit the Cologne Cathedral and the Cologne Cable Cars.
    So, we started at the Cologne Cathedral. It’s a very impressive building from the outside, but also from the inside. It really is huge! We couldn’t go through the whole church, because there was a Mass, but you could see a lot from the place you could visit so it was fine. :)

    Next, we went to the Cologne Cable Cars. It’s near the Köln Zoo (which we would love to visit, but with such a hot weather we guessed the animals there would be doing just nothing) and it’s a 6 minute ride where you have the greatest view across the Rhine!

    After a short pause in the park where the trip ends, we went back for again 6 minutes of great view! :)

    Well, after that we decided to head home again, but first I had to buy some things from a gift store at the station which I saw earlier. I originally planned to buy a B.Duck pen & pen container, but the pen was waaay to expensive, so I decided to only photograph it and only buy the pen container.

    B.Duck pen

    After eaten something for diner, we headed to the train but there was a lot of train delay… so we hoped it will be fixed a few hours later (which we originally planned to travel back) and waited with a nice cool beverage at Starbucks. And luckily, we could travel back again without any problems (except being very hot in the train…)

    Hope we go visit some other city soon :) I really enjoyed it!

    Oh and a really wanted to show you how cute my new pen container is looking on my desk!

    Pen container