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  1. You’ve met big pear…

    October 11, 2012 by Peter meet big apple! (and me!)

    Big apple, Peter and big pear

    Well, actually I named them Mr. Pear and Mr. Apple. And of course Ms. Worm. <3

    As I explained in my earlier post, I used the apple pattern out of Ana Paula’s first book, and enlarged it. I used some chunkier yarn, but it was a bit thinner than the yarn from Mr. Pear, so instead of multiply the pattern 2.5 times, I did it 3 times. It’s a bit of a challenge to get I right (for example, Ms. Worm had a earlier version where she had eaten a bit to much of Mr. Apple, if you know what I mean. ;) ) but I think they turned out great!

    After I finished Mr. Apple, the large Amigurumi toys can’t leave my mind… I’m already working on another one, which I will post about as soon as I finish it. So stay tuned! ;)

  2. Yarn, yarn, yarn, all over again!

    September 3, 2012 by Peter

    In one of my previous blog posts, I explained what my yarn stash looks like.

    What’s good news for me, but bad news for the sack I keep my stash in: season change is coming up, so new colors are available at the budget store where I buy yarn!
    I’m very happy with the new colors, but especially with darkish green which I didn’t have ever before! :)

    So, with a lot of new bought skeins, I had to tidy up my stash a bit.
    I made a photo for you how my stash is when thrown onto a big pile, but I accidentally threw it away. :(
    But, I can tell you it’s big. It are 77 skeins. I made a stash list of it on my Raverly account! Now I always know what’s in my stash :)

    Curious? Find out here. I’m updating the featured photo’s soon, so you can visually see the colors. :)

  3. Yarn, yarn, yarn!

    August 17, 2012 by Peter

    As I said before, I wanted to blog about the different kinds of yarn that I use, why and what I prefer for my Amigurumi.

    Well, let’s start. I’m living in the Netherlands, and the simplest way of having lots of different colors of yarn that you can easily get your hands on, is buying worsted weight yarn which they sell at 1-2 budget stores. For my Dutch blog readers, I’m talking about the Wibra and Zeeman.The only problem is, you never now for sure which colors will stay in their assortment. Since I crochet, some colors are available through out the year. Other colors they just never had (like orange) and other colors are only available in a season (like brown in winter and yellow in spring). That’s why I have a gigantic yarn stash. From every available color, I have a minimal of 3, except for the colors that are only available for a short period of time. I’ve got like up to 10 of each. It’s okay to buy so much yarn; you can make a lot of things with them, and it’s really not that expensive!

    Here is a photo how a small piece of my wool stash looks like…

    Wool stash

    It’s a sack where you can store your warm winter blanket in when you don’t need it (like in summer… ;) ) and it’s about a square meter packed with 3 layers of yarn…
    Not to mention that I’ve got about another sack full of yarn that’s already used, so about every available color…

    Normally when I’m near the store where they sell this yarn, I go check if there any new colors or if colors are running low. If so, I can buy some more just to be sure. ;)

    If I’ve got specific projects, like special projects, I go buy some more expensive yarn. There is one store nearby, where they have some different yarn which is suitable for Amigurumi. They normally don’t have a great variety of colors, but it’s good enough for special projects.
    When crocheting, you really notice the quality difference. The worsted weight yarn is a bit more rough than some better quality yarn. But it’s okay to crochet with. :)
    I don’t stash up on the more expensive yarn because… it’s more expensive. I just go buy what and when I need it. Of course I stash up leftovers! :D

    Oh, and why I stash up the colors they have through out the year? I’m SO terrified they stop making a color so I would be without… It’s one of my biggest nightmares. :O

    Well, that was about it I guess. Feel free to ask when you’ve got questions! :)

  4. Big pear & new projects

    August 15, 2012 by Peter

    Normally, I’ve got a lot of projects going on. Not only Amigurumi, but the biggest part is. Some of them I’ve been working on with full enthusiasm, but then I found a cooler/cuter/better project to work on and go work on that. Sometimes it’s just that I’m not totally satisfied how a projects turns out so I put it away.
    But, I’m making progress the last few months. If projects really don’t turn out how would like them to do, I trow them away. If it’s just a small piece that’s have to be crocheted before I can sew it and finish it up, I just do it.

    Currently I’m working on a few projects as well. I have some random Amigurumi that needs some eyes and a mouth before I can finish them, but I will do that some day. What I’m more enthusiastic about, are two bigger projects. One of them I will highlight in an other blog post soon, they other one I will be talking about now!

    About a year ago, I ran into pictures from large Amigurumi pears. But, I was crocheting for just a few months. They where out of my league. As I became better and better, the idea of crocheting such a huge pear came closer. But I overworked the tendons in my hands with crocheting so much, it became clear I could only crochet little bits at one time. Such a huge pear would take weeks to finish, so I decided to not make them in the near future.

    Well, just a week ago, the big Amigurumi pear came back into my mind. I had to find a way to make me one… they are to darn cute! So, I thought about it and decided to enlarge the pear pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli out of her first book “Amigurumi World – Seriously Cute Crochet”  with some chunky yarn! So, I went to the store where I usually buy my better quality yarn for special projects (I normally use cheap worsted weight yarn, which I will be talking about in an other blog post). I bought some not to expensive but very nice yarn, and it was chunkier than the yarn I usually crochet with.

    Back home, I started right away! I did some math on the pattern from Ana Paula, and multiplied it with 2.5. Well, roughly. Normally you can’t just multiply a pattern, but with some tweaking it went well. I still got to pause to give my hands some rest, but after a few days it was finished! I couldn’t believe it went so quick. :)
    Here is a picture of my finished large Amigurumi pear, with a normal apple (also a pattern out of “Amigurumi World”) next to him so you have some measurements.

    Large Amigurumi Pear
    Isn’t he the cutest?!

    Well, after finishing him… I was craving to also make a large apple, so he would have a friend. :)
    That’s why today I went shopping again…

    Apple wool
    I bought me some red yarn from the same brand (although it seems to be just a little thinner, but I think it would be fine) the make me a large apple! :) Again, the plan is to enlarge the pattern from Ana Paula.

    The green yarn on the picture is for my other project, which I will be blogging about soon!