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  1. AmigurumiWizard

    August 23, 2012 by Peter

    You may have the question; why AmigurumiWizard?

    When I started crocheting Amigurumi, I used books and the internet to learn it AND keep getting better at it. Once I was confident enough, I started to sketch characters to eventually turn them into Amigurumi toys. It was hard at first, but it went pretty well. I learned how to write them down so I could turn them into real Amigurumi patterns. That just felt like magic, being able to go from a sketch to an actual toy, and even write a pattern how to achieve it.
    At that point, I wanted to keep growing in Amigurumi, and I wanted to share my patterns with the world. That is where AmigurumiWizard was born.

    Like I said, begin able to dream about cute characters and ideas, sketch them out and crochet them feels like magic. So I came up with AmigurumiWizard which felt like my own little “brand”. I started to work out some more sketches to patterns, to sell them on Etsy. (You can find my shop here) It’s not my goal to get a lot of money out of it. It’s my goal to keep being able to buy supplies like yarn, filling and safety eyes and support other designers like me to buy cute patterns from them too!

    I also decided for myself, I wanted to turn AmigurumiWizard in some sort of platform where I could talk about Amigurumi. Like projects I’m working on, patterns I’ve made (paid and free. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Coming as soon as possible!) and patterns I’ve found (again, paid and free ones). Also sharing tips I find. When I started crochet Amigurumi I learned so much from the internet, that I wanted to pass that knowledge. :)

    So, here you are, as you might understand already. ;)

    As you could read in my first post, I expanded my “platform” a bit so I could talk about some more things than Amigurumi. But now you know what you can expect crochet / Amigurumi wise! :)

  2. Let’s start!

    August 14, 2012 by Peter

    Yes, let’s start. I’ve made a lot of starts on blogs, because I’ve had many of them. But they all didn’t exist very long. With every blog I ever started, I had the ambitious plan to blog about a lot of stuff, but it all ended after a few days. Why? Well, I guess I was to young to have a lot of things to blog about. I’m a bit older now (22 years, for the record) and I really felt like starting a blog again. The fact that I’ve abandoned all of my blogs really quick and that I was busy finishing school and get my diploma kept me from starting one again. Even now I’m typing this, I still doubt my plan to start a blog again. Will I keep posting things, are there people out there who want to read my blog… And can I say what and how I want to in English? I’m from the Netherlands, and I’ve had a lot of English lessons, but I still have trouble writing it correctly, even though I can read, hear and understand it quickly (so bare with me if I make mistakes).

    The fact is, I really feel like I’m having a lot more interesting stuff then a few years ago to blog about. I’ve new hobby’s, including Amigurumi (the main topic I will be blogging about), baking & (cup)cake decorating and cooking. And, two things really inspired me to go blogging. The movie Julie & Julia, where the main character starts a daily food blog, and Stephanie from All About Ami, who mainly blogs about Amigurumi too! She has an amazing blog, so be sure to check it out. Just come back to keep checking out mine too! ;) The funny thing is, she too got inspired to start a blog after seeing Julie & Julia!

    Well, I guess that was it for now. It feels a bit messy, but I hope that will be better in my next posts :)

    Please join me on my blog adventure! :)