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  1. Big pear & new projects

    August 15, 2012 by Peter

    Normally, I’ve got a lot of projects going on. Not only Amigurumi, but the biggest part is. Some of them I’ve been working on with full enthusiasm, but then I found a cooler/cuter/better project to work on and go work on that. Sometimes it’s just that I’m not totally satisfied how a projects turns out so I put it away.
    But, I’m making progress the last few months. If projects really don’t turn out how would like them to do, I trow them away. If it’s just a small piece that’s have to be crocheted before I can sew it and finish it up, I just do it.

    Currently I’m working on a few projects as well. I have some random Amigurumi that needs some eyes and a mouth before I can finish them, but I will do that some day. What I’m more enthusiastic about, are two bigger projects. One of them I will highlight in an other blog post soon, they other one I will be talking about now!

    About a year ago, I ran into pictures from large Amigurumi pears. But, I was crocheting for just a few months. They where out of my league. As I became better and better, the idea of crocheting such a huge pear came closer. But I overworked the tendons in my hands with crocheting so much, it became clear I could only crochet little bits at one time. Such a huge pear would take weeks to finish, so I decided to not make them in the near future.

    Well, just a week ago, the big Amigurumi pear came back into my mind. I had to find a way to make me one… they are to darn cute! So, I thought about it and decided to enlarge the pear pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli out of her first book “Amigurumi World – Seriously Cute Crochet”  with some chunky yarn! So, I went to the store where I usually buy my better quality yarn for special projects (I normally use cheap worsted weight yarn, which I will be talking about in an other blog post). I bought some not to expensive but very nice yarn, and it was chunkier than the yarn I usually crochet with.

    Back home, I started right away! I did some math on the pattern from Ana Paula, and multiplied it with 2.5. Well, roughly. Normally you can’t just multiply a pattern, but with some tweaking it went well. I still got to pause to give my hands some rest, but after a few days it was finished! I couldn’t believe it went so quick. :)
    Here is a picture of my finished large Amigurumi pear, with a normal apple (also a pattern out of “Amigurumi World”) next to him so you have some measurements.

    Large Amigurumi Pear
    Isn’t he the cutest?!

    Well, after finishing him… I was craving to also make a large apple, so he would have a friend. :)
    That’s why today I went shopping again…

    Apple wool
    I bought me some red yarn from the same brand (although it seems to be just a little thinner, but I think it would be fine) the make me a large apple! :) Again, the plan is to enlarge the pattern from Ana Paula.

    The green yarn on the picture is for my other project, which I will be blogging about soon!