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December, 2012

  1. Christmas is coming! :)

    December 16, 2012 by Peter

    It’s quite some time ago that I seriously updated my blog. I’m sorry for that, but I was really busy with a lot of different things, so I had to split my time. Here is some quick summary of some things that I did:

    • One of my patterns, the Winter Bear, is mentioned in the “top 3 Amigurumi Patterns we love” of the UK magazine “Let’s get Crafty”. It’s not a big entry, but I’m so happy that one of my patterns made it into an abroad magazine! :)
    • I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo 2012, like I mentioned before, and as you can see on the right side of my blog: I MADE IT!
      Well, I’ve now got 50.000 words, but as I was typing my storyline grew, so to really finish my book I guess I need 50.000 more. But hey, I accomplished the challenge, and have great start to write further!
    • I went to London with my boyfriend Jordy! :) I will be blogging about this soon!

    And ofcourse some more things happened, but not something really mentionable… Although…. I’ve got a little surprise for you. No, I don’t. I’ve got TWO! :)

    Allow me to have a little introduction first.

    At the beginning of this year, I started a new project. I wanted to crochet a lot of Amigurumi ornaments for the Christmas tree. I started with the Teddy Ornaments from Stephanie that is free available at All About Ami.
    Intended to make all three kinds of Teddy Ornaments, I ended up with just one and a lot of ideas to make ornaments.
    I made a few mini versions of my own patterns, made some mini versions of the apple and pear patterns from Ana Paula Rimoli, but also made some of the smaller patterns from Ana’s books and just added a loop made from yarn so you can hang them in the tree. :)
    The little jellyfish which is also available for free on Ana Paula’s blog is also a great and cute Amigurumi ornament to decorate your tree!

    I originally planned to make about 50 ornaments, but with other projects stopping by I crocheted about 25-30.
    As I blogged before, crocheting is sometimes a bit irritating my hands. A book with cute felt toys came on my pad which made me have a new hobby besides Amigurumi (and already have so many! ;) ) which is a lot less irritating my hands. So, when I can’t crochet, I’m making felt toys and of course ornaments for the tree!
    I still don’t have my planned 50 ornaments, but with mom crocheting some snowflakes I think we crossed the 50 ornaments mark.
    In the Netherlands, it’s not uncommon to decorate the Christmas tree when Sinterklaas is leaving the country. (Don’t know what Sinterklaas is? Read about it here.)
    So you can understand I was really excited when Sinterklaas was out of the country again and it was time to decorate the Christmas tree, with of course my ornaments! :D

    Here are some pictures of the finished tree! :)


    Well, as you can see on the last picture, there is a felt Matryoshka ornament I made (and some more across the tree).
    So, with that said comes surprise number 1! It’s my own pattern that will be available for free!
    They are not that time consuming to make, so you could at least make an for in your own Christmas tree! :) You can find the pattern on the free patterns page!
    Please mail me some pictures if you made a Matryoshka using my pattern! I will show them here on my blog!

    My second surprise needs less introduction. Every year I send out Christmas cards together with Jordy. Sometimes we send some real cards by mail, but we’ve also had a year where we couldn’t afford the stamps and made an online card.
    This year, we did have the money for stamps, and I had a really nice idea for a handmade Christmas card!

    Here are some pictures of the Christmas cards I made!


    (I’m sorry they are not the best quality. I got some great pictures but they got lost. :( )

    I think you already see surprise number two coming… I also made a pattern for the Christmas card that is also available for free! I don’t think it surprises you that you could find the pattern on the free patterns page too!
    And same thing here… Please mail me some picture if you made Christmas cards using my pattern, so I can show them on my blog! :)

    Everyone I send a Christmas card to was very enthusiastic about them! It’s such a great feeling to make the cards myself (and I made all different colors so everyone got a different one!) and make my friends really happy by sending them one!

    Have fun with my patterns, and I will be blogging again soon!
    Happy crafting! :)