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Yarn, yarn, yarn, all over again!

September 3, 2012 by Peter

In one of my previous blog posts, I explained what my yarn stash looks like.

What’s good news for me, but bad news for the sack I keep my stash in: season change is coming up, so new colors are available at the budget store where I buy yarn!
I’m very happy with the new colors, but especially with darkish green which I didn’t have ever before! :)

So, with a lot of new bought skeins, I had to tidy up my stash a bit.
I made a photo for you how my stash is when thrown onto a big pile, but I accidentally threw it away. :(
But, I can tell you it’s big. It areĀ 77 skeins. I made a stash list of it on my Raverly account! Now I always know what’s in my stash :)

Curious? Find out here. I’m updating the featured photo’s soon, so you can visually see the colors. :)

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  1. Linda says:

    … suddenly I feel a lot better about my stash. :p

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