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August, 2012

  1. Amigurumi Icecream – AmigurumiWizard crochet pattern

    August 27, 2012 by Peter

    I wanted to started this blog post with a sentence like: “While it’s still summer, try out my icecream pattern!”

    But with the possibility that my readers are from all over the world, some of them will be thinking: “Well it’s winter here so huh?!”
    Nevertheless, I wanted to show how cute my Amigurumi Icecream pattern is!

    Amigurumi Iceream - AmigurumiWizard crochet pattern

    It’s an easy to crochet pattern, which you could whip up in a short period of time. I think he is sooo cute! :)
    You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop for only $3.00!

  2. AmigurumiWizard

    August 23, 2012 by Peter

    You may have the question; why AmigurumiWizard?

    When I started crocheting Amigurumi, I used books and the internet to learn it AND keep getting better at it. Once I was confident enough, I started to sketch characters to eventually turn them into Amigurumi toys. It was hard at first, but it went pretty well. I learned how to write them down so I could turn them into real Amigurumi patterns. That just felt like magic, being able to go from a sketch to an actual toy, and even write a pattern how to achieve it.
    At that point, I wanted to keep growing in Amigurumi, and I wanted to share my patterns with the world. That is where AmigurumiWizard was born.

    Like I said, begin able to dream about cute characters and ideas, sketch them out and crochet them feels like magic. So I came up with AmigurumiWizard which felt like my own little “brand”. I started to work out some more sketches to patterns, to sell them on Etsy. (You can find my shop here) It’s not my goal to get a lot of money out of it. It’s my goal to keep being able to buy supplies like yarn, filling and safety eyes and support other designers like me to buy cute patterns from them too!

    I also decided for myself, I wanted to turn AmigurumiWizard in some sort of platform where I could talk about Amigurumi. Like projects I’m working on, patterns I’ve made (paid and free. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Coming as soon as possible!) and patterns I’ve found (again, paid and free ones). Also sharing tips I find. When I started crochet Amigurumi I learned so much from the internet, that I wanted to pass that knowledge. :)

    So, here you are, as you might understand already. ;)

    As you could read in my first post, I expanded my “platform” a bit so I could talk about some more things than Amigurumi. But now you know what you can expect crochet / Amigurumi wise! :)

  3. Köln

    August 22, 2012 by Peter

    I’m back again from a short visit to Köln, Germany! I was there for about 1.5 days, because Jordy (my boyfriend) had to work at Gamescom. His work was done on Saturday early in the afternoon, so I planned out to be there by then. In the end it turned out I would be there an hour later, because it was unclear if I was in the right train. I asked some German guy in the train if it was right, but he said it wasn’t. Turned out, after a information desk visit, that it was :( So I had to wait for another 40 minutes (and already waited 20 at the information desk) to go on the same train again. But then I finally arrived at the “Köln Hauptbahnhof” which is one of the biggest train stations I’ve ever seen.

    Köln Hauptbahnhof

    It doesn’t look so big on the photo, but it has a lot of large shops and lunchrooms inside. :)

    On our stay in Köln, we didn’t actually do MUCH. You can’t when it is 35 degrees Celsius, and you are just 1,5 days there. But we sure did some things and had fun! :)

    First of all, we went shopping. Not that we actually bought much, but we saw some very large stores and some cultural things which was pretty nice to see!



    I found two stores where I wanted to buy something; in one of the stores they had a HUGE rubber duck from B.Duck (Yes, I collect rubber ducks. I guess I’ve got to make a blog post about that now. :P ) which wasn’t to expensive, but then we had to carry it around the whole next day (because we would already been checked out of the hotel) so I didn’t buy it. In the other store, they had some fun gadgets and books, and one of the books drew my attention. It was Cute Stuff which contains a lot of cute craft ideas. I really wanted to buy it, but also doubted if I would use it much… When I decided I did want it, we already walked far away from the store so I decided to add it to my Amazon wishlist now. :)

    After a quick freshen up in our hotel, we went to a party organized by the company Jordy works for, to round up this years Gamescom. We had a nice walk back to our hotel. Still a lot of people where outside which made it a very cozy walk to our hotel. :)
    We also went across the bridge where are a lot of love pad locks are attached. It’s so cool to see and we wished we had a pad lock to attach it too. :( Maybe next time!

    On Sunday, we had a great breakfast (I LOVE food, I they had a lot of delicious things, so I was very full afterwards…) and checked out of the hotel. It still was very hot outside, but we had two things we still wanted to do in Köln; visit the Cologne Cathedral and the Cologne Cable Cars.
    So, we started at the Cologne Cathedral. It’s a very impressive building from the outside, but also from the inside. It really is huge! We couldn’t go through the whole church, because there was a Mass, but you could see a lot from the place you could visit so it was fine. :)

    Next, we went to the Cologne Cable Cars. It’s near the Köln Zoo (which we would love to visit, but with such a hot weather we guessed the animals there would be doing just nothing) and it’s a 6 minute ride where you have the greatest view across the Rhine!

    After a short pause in the park where the trip ends, we went back for again 6 minutes of great view! :)

    Well, after that we decided to head home again, but first I had to buy some things from a gift store at the station which I saw earlier. I originally planned to buy a B.Duck pen & pen container, but the pen was waaay to expensive, so I decided to only photograph it and only buy the pen container.

    B.Duck pen

    After eaten something for diner, we headed to the train but there was a lot of train delay… so we hoped it will be fixed a few hours later (which we originally planned to travel back) and waited with a nice cool beverage at Starbucks. And luckily, we could travel back again without any problems (except being very hot in the train…)

    Hope we go visit some other city soon :) I really enjoyed it!

    Oh and a really wanted to show you how cute my new pen container is looking on my desk!

    Pen container

  4. Yarn, yarn, yarn!

    August 17, 2012 by Peter

    As I said before, I wanted to blog about the different kinds of yarn that I use, why and what I prefer for my Amigurumi.

    Well, let’s start. I’m living in the Netherlands, and the simplest way of having lots of different colors of yarn that you can easily get your hands on, is buying worsted weight yarn which they sell at 1-2 budget stores. For my Dutch blog readers, I’m talking about the Wibra and Zeeman.The only problem is, you never now for sure which colors will stay in their assortment. Since I crochet, some colors are available through out the year. Other colors they just never had (like orange) and other colors are only available in a season (like brown in winter and yellow in spring). That’s why I have a gigantic yarn stash. From every available color, I have a minimal of 3, except for the colors that are only available for a short period of time. I’ve got like up to 10 of each. It’s okay to buy so much yarn; you can make a lot of things with them, and it’s really not that expensive!

    Here is a photo how a small piece of my wool stash looks like…

    Wool stash

    It’s a sack where you can store your warm winter blanket in when you don’t need it (like in summer… ;) ) and it’s about a square meter packed with 3 layers of yarn…
    Not to mention that I’ve got about another sack full of yarn that’s already used, so about every available color…

    Normally when I’m near the store where they sell this yarn, I go check if there any new colors or if colors are running low. If so, I can buy some more just to be sure. ;)

    If I’ve got specific projects, like special projects, I go buy some more expensive yarn. There is one store nearby, where they have some different yarn which is suitable for Amigurumi. They normally don’t have a great variety of colors, but it’s good enough for special projects.
    When crocheting, you really notice the quality difference. The worsted weight yarn is a bit more rough than some better quality yarn. But it’s okay to crochet with. :)
    I don’t stash up on the more expensive yarn because… it’s more expensive. I just go buy what and when I need it. Of course I stash up leftovers! :D

    Oh, and why I stash up the colors they have through out the year? I’m SO terrified they stop making a color so I would be without… It’s one of my biggest nightmares. :O

    Well, that was about it I guess. Feel free to ask when you’ve got questions! :)

  5. Big pear & new projects

    August 15, 2012 by Peter

    Normally, I’ve got a lot of projects going on. Not only Amigurumi, but the biggest part is. Some of them I’ve been working on with full enthusiasm, but then I found a cooler/cuter/better project to work on and go work on that. Sometimes it’s just that I’m not totally satisfied how a projects turns out so I put it away.
    But, I’m making progress the last few months. If projects really don’t turn out how would like them to do, I trow them away. If it’s just a small piece that’s have to be crocheted before I can sew it and finish it up, I just do it.

    Currently I’m working on a few projects as well. I have some random Amigurumi that needs some eyes and a mouth before I can finish them, but I will do that some day. What I’m more enthusiastic about, are two bigger projects. One of them I will highlight in an other blog post soon, they other one I will be talking about now!

    About a year ago, I ran into pictures from large Amigurumi pears. But, I was crocheting for just a few months. They where out of my league. As I became better and better, the idea of crocheting such a huge pear came closer. But I overworked the tendons in my hands with crocheting so much, it became clear I could only crochet little bits at one time. Such a huge pear would take weeks to finish, so I decided to not make them in the near future.

    Well, just a week ago, the big Amigurumi pear came back into my mind. I had to find a way to make me one… they are to darn cute! So, I thought about it and decided to enlarge the pear pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli out of her first book “Amigurumi World – Seriously Cute Crochet”  with some chunky yarn! So, I went to the store where I usually buy my better quality yarn for special projects (I normally use cheap worsted weight yarn, which I will be talking about in an other blog post). I bought some not to expensive but very nice yarn, and it was chunkier than the yarn I usually crochet with.

    Back home, I started right away! I did some math on the pattern from Ana Paula, and multiplied it with 2.5. Well, roughly. Normally you can’t just multiply a pattern, but with some tweaking it went well. I still got to pause to give my hands some rest, but after a few days it was finished! I couldn’t believe it went so quick. :)
    Here is a picture of my finished large Amigurumi pear, with a normal apple (also a pattern out of “Amigurumi World”) next to him so you have some measurements.

    Large Amigurumi Pear
    Isn’t he the cutest?!

    Well, after finishing him… I was craving to also make a large apple, so he would have a friend. :)
    That’s why today I went shopping again…

    Apple wool
    I bought me some red yarn from the same brand (although it seems to be just a little thinner, but I think it would be fine) the make me a large apple! :) Again, the plan is to enlarge the pattern from Ana Paula.

    The green yarn on the picture is for my other project, which I will be blogging about soon!

  6. Let’s start!

    August 14, 2012 by Peter

    Yes, let’s start. I’ve made a lot of starts on blogs, because I’ve had many of them. But they all didn’t exist very long. With every blog I ever started, I had the ambitious plan to blog about a lot of stuff, but it all ended after a few days. Why? Well, I guess I was to young to have a lot of things to blog about. I’m a bit older now (22 years, for the record) and I really felt like starting a blog again. The fact that I’ve abandoned all of my blogs really quick and that I was busy finishing school and get my diploma kept me from starting one again. Even now I’m typing this, I still doubt my plan to start a blog again. Will I keep posting things, are there people out there who want to read my blog… And can I say what and how I want to in English? I’m from the Netherlands, and I’ve had a lot of English lessons, but I still have trouble writing it correctly, even though I can read, hear and understand it quickly (so bare with me if I make mistakes).

    The fact is, I really feel like I’m having a lot more interesting stuff then a few years ago to blog about. I’ve new hobby’s, including Amigurumi (the main topic I will be blogging about), baking & (cup)cake decorating and cooking. And, two things really inspired me to go blogging. The movie Julie & Julia, where the main character starts a daily food blog, and Stephanie from All About Ami, who mainly blogs about Amigurumi too! She has an amazing blog, so be sure to check it out. Just come back to keep checking out mine too! ;) The funny thing is, she too got inspired to start a blog after seeing Julie & Julia!

    Well, I guess that was it for now. It feels a bit messy, but I hope that will be better in my next posts :)

    Please join me on my blog adventure! :)